A new gastronomic trend: chocolate travel

People travel for various reasons: history, culture, food. But lately a more specific gastronomic trend has emerged: chocolate travel . This can be anything from informal dégustation to taking a chocolate cruise.

For the average traveler, chocolate and Mexico don’t exactly match. But chocolate is embedded in the gastronomic tradition of Oaxaca. You can have it in many forms but make sure to try Chocolate Mayordomo, an authentic brand from Oaxaca.

So, if your taste buds are tingling when you read these lines, then make sure to look for airfare to Oaxaca and start planning your vacation in Oaxaca. Budget accommodation in Oaxaca is not hard to find, but it’s better to book a room when you book the plane tickets.

But Oaxaca is more than just a taste of chocolate. Stroll the streets and sit in a café to watch the passers by. Soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the historical feel of the city. The Downtown landmarks include: Ex Convento de Santo Domingo, a spectacular historical church, Museo Regional de Oaxaca, showcasing the Zapotec, Mixtec, and Olmec civilizations and Catedral Metropolitana , the largest church in the city.

Monte Alban contains the largest set of ruins near the city. It tends to get crowded. Do consider booking a tour in order to learn the most you can about this place. If you prefer a less crowded place, explore the ruins of Yagul.

If you travel to Oaxaca in July, don’t miss the Guelaguetza festival, which highlights the traditional practices of the various indigenous cultures from the state of Oaxaca.

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