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Why You Should Go to Mexico in 2016Mexico is one of those places that has always been a great value destination, especially for American and Canadian neighbors to the north. Current economic trends are continuing to make Mexico an attractive destination for those who hold high value currencies.

Mexico was added as one of the top value destinations in 2016 for Australians and Canadians, but it’s equally true for holders of Euros and American Dollars.

So why should you go to Mexico this year?

The Food

Try it all:

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What to Eat in Mexico: Famous Mexican FoodsOne of the best parts of travel in Mexico is the food. It’s cheap, fresh and very diverse from region to region. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always spicy and it bears little resemblance to the “Mexican Food” found in most restaurants outside of Mexico.

Contrary to the guidebook recommendations, I suggest you eat from street vendors every chance you get. If you watch them cook your food you know it’s hot and fresh, two things not guaranteed if your

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Itinerary for 10 Days in MexicoIf you’ve got more than a long weekend and want to do more than the over touristed Mayan Riviera and dig into the “real Mexico” then we’ve got some ideas for you! There is so much more to Mexico than the Caribbean and the resort strip along the southern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. With ten days and a sense of adventure you’ll explore a country chock full of history, culture, religion and music that will sing to your soul.

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Nude Beaches in Mexico

by BootsnAll on March 22, 2012

Nude Beaches in MexicoMexico is known for a lot of things, but nudity isn’t really one of them. Mexican culture is traditional and conservative. Respectful travelers have long known to cover their shoulders and their knees when visiting cultural or religious sites.

On beaches in Mexico swimwear is assumed. Topless sunbathing is uncommon (unless you’re at a resort that specifically advertises it) and nudism is prohibited in Mexico’s federal zones, including beaches, although this is not always strictly enforced. What does this mean?

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3 Days in Cancun: Itinerary IdeasCancun is the perfect place for a quick, long weekend getaway. Airfare from the Continental USA and Canada is cheap, the flights are often short and it feels a world away from business as usual. With an array of hotel options, from ultra-inexpensive hostels to five star all inclusive resorts that cater from every demographic, from backpackers to families, to honeymooning couples and retirees, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Cancun.

If you’re flying in one one of the long

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Independence Day vs Cinco de Mayo: What’s the difference?Mexico is a country that likes to party. Festivals are a regular occurrence, from the big national festivals to tiny village celebrations of a local patron saint. You’ll find food, music, dancing, fireworks and pinatas are standard fare.

Two of Mexico’s well known, but often confused, festivals are Cinco de Mayo and Independence Day. One is a national holiday, the other is celebrated primarily in one region. Once you know the difference, you’ll never forget and if you can make the

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